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Dear Colleagues,

 Israeli Society of Oral Medicine is proud to invite the entire dental community to a one of a kind International conference that will discuss the multidisciplinary approach to oral complications in oncology patients. The overall cancer community is growing and at the same time, there is a dramatic increase in the development of new treatment modalities. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the incidence of oral complications and helping this special community of patients remains a challenge.

Dentists play a central role in managing oncology patients, in both prevention and active treatment. In addition, oncology treatment impacts greatly on the conventional dental treatment plan and it is prudent to understand the facts in order to provide the most optimum care and avoid untoward complications.

The goal of this conference is to review the relevant issues and to introduce both the conventional and most updated treatment recommendations. For this purpose, the conference is in collaboration with several local and international societies with knowledge in this field, together with the participation of worl-renowned experts from Israel, the United States and Canada as they have graciously agreed to share their expertise on this subject with the entire Israel dental community. 

Additional information, registration forms and instructions for abstract submissions can be Wishing for a successful and productive conference.




  Dr. Galit Almoznino 

Dr. Eli Michaeli

Dr. Noam Yarom

President,  Israeli Society of Oral Medicine
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
 Chairman of the
Scientific Committee 


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November 1-2 2018

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